Villa Cimena Estate

In 1844 Count Ottavio Thaon di Revel wanted to transform a simple country residence into a splendid villa. He assigned the project for the new building to the architect Carlo Sada (1809-1873). Trained at the Brera Academy in Milan, Sada was called to Turin by Carlo Alberto. A pupil of the architect and sculptor Pelagio Palagi, Sada’s most significant works in the Savoy capital include the church of San Massimo.

From an idea of the current owners, we were entrusted with the task of a total renovation of the historic residence. From the redevelopment of the greenhouses – formerly belonging to Xavier Kurten, the court landscaper – to the restoration of the suites for short, emotional stays.
Villa Cimena is a unique location in which to hold your events. It offers highly evocative settings, immersed in the sounds of gushing fountains from the 1800s, scents coming from the lichen of the statues in the swimming pool, observed by fantasy animals at play illuminated by the glare from the glass of the countless windows on the façade.

Piano nobile Piazza Carignano

A splendid noble flat located in the centre of Turin, in Piazza Carignano. Each window facing Palazzo Carignano frames the curved, baroque façade of the historic building where Vittorio Emanuele II was born, which we now remember as the first home of united Italy and its representatives.

Inside, there are wooden floors of different woods and colours, elegant marble fireplaces, wooden coffered ceilings and frescoed vaults. There are also Baroque mirrors that amplify the light and enhance the spaces, original doors and painted doorframes. An exclusive location in Turin’s living room, where you can make an event truly unique.